About Me

Born on the gas pedal

Alex’s racing career started at the age of 9 years old in karting. Through the years, Alex was successful in the sport with many wins and top finishes, as well as winning two national championships. Karting has been a big part of Alex’s life and even still racing karts in his “off” time. Around the age of 15, Alex added Legend Cars to his portfolio and really exceeded many expectations in the little stock cars, especially on the road courses. Though Alex was already competing in two different types of racing, drag racing became another auto sport he showed interest in and before he knew it, he was racing close to 200mph before he even had his state issued drivers license. Alex said in an interview with a motorsport magazine:

“Racing has been my passion since I can remember, any kind of racing, too. I give my success in racing and the ability to feel the cars, the ability to slow everything down and process what’s going on around you (even at 200mph) to growing up in karting.”

From karting to the legend cars, then to drag racing and later on adding many more success stories from competing in truck and tractor pulling, Alex has a diverse background in motorsports and continues to grow that racing portfolio. He currently drives the NHRA Drag Racing Car for Gas Monkey Energy in one of the most competitive and intricate classes in all of motorsports, Pro Stock.